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      MSME Import

      Letter of Credit (L / C)

      • Establishment of Letter of Credit through wide range of correspondent banks world over at competitive charges
      • Establishment of confirmed Letter of Credit based on the requirement of overseas supplier

      Bill Collection

      • Importers can receive bills on collection basis from overseas banks through CUB's Competitive Exchange Rate and Charges

      Outward Remittances

      • Importers can remit funds to overseas supplier before receipt of goods subject to submission of required documents
      • Importers can remit funds towards bills received directly from the overseas supplier subject to submission of required documents
      • Competitive exchange rate and charges

      Bank Guarantees

      • Exporters can avail bank guarantee facility in favour of overseas buyer towards advance remittance for exports or performance under export contract

      Foreign Currency Loan

      • Importers can also avail foreign currency loans for import of goods (raw material / finished stocks / machinery) at competitive rate of interest

      Buyer's Credit

      • Importers can avail Buyer’s Credit facility for meeting payment obligation under import bills (Letter of Credit / Collection Bills)
      • CUB arranges for Buyer’s Credit from overseas banks at competitive rate of interest and charges