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      NRI Recurring Deposit (NRE)

      CUB's NRI customers can open Recurring Deposit (RD) and enjoy big rewards.

      • Recurring Deposit can be opened for remitting fixed amount every month for a minimum period of one year and upto a maximum period of 10 years
      • Deposit can be opened jointly with a Non - Resident on Either or Survivor/Former or Survivor basis
      • Deposit can also be opened jointly with a Resident close relative on Former or Survivor basis
      • Interest earned on the account is TAX FREE
      • Principal together with interest is fully repatriable
      • NO SERVICE CHARGES for inward remittances from abroad
      • Funds can be transferred from NRE account
      • No interest is payable if deposit is preclosed before one year
      • Preclosure of deposit after one year, but, before maturity will attract penalty as per the Bank’s policy from time to time
      • Conversion of foreign currency into Indian Rupees or vice versa will attract service tax as per GoI notification
      • Loan against the security of deposit can be obtained subject to RBI guidelines and Bank’s policy in force
      • Attractive interest rates
      • Click here to download opening form
      • Click here to know current interest rate
      • Click here to remit funds
      • For queries, contact us - nri@cityunionbank.com