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credit processing charges

Advance Processing Charges
Particulars Processing Charges @
1. For advances upto Rs. 25,000/- (for Priority Sector and Micro & Small Enterprise Advances) Nil
2. For Priority sector advances above Rs. 25,000/- but upto 2.00 lakhs (other than Micro & Small Enterprises Advances) Rs. 100/-
3. For Priority Sector Advances above Rs. 2.00 lakh and upto Rs. 5.00 lakh (other than Micro & Small Enterprises Advances) Rs. 750/-
4. For Micro & Small Enterprises Advances upto Rs. 5.00 lakh Nil
5. For Agricultural Advances upto Rs. 2.00 lakh. Nil
6. For Agricultural Advances above Rs. 2.00 lakh and upto Rs. 5.00 lakh 0.10 % p.a.
7. For non-priority advances upto Rs. 5.00 lakh 0.25 % p.a.
8. For all Jewel Loans & LAD Nil
9. For All Advances of above Rs. 5.00 lakh (both priority & non-priority)
Nature of facility Processing Charge Maximum Rs. Minimum Rs.
For Working Capital Limits (both fresh and renewal) 0.75% p.a.** 35.00 lakh 3750/-
For Loans (short term, medium term and long term loans) 1.10 %^^ No maximum cap Rs. 250/-

** 0.60 % as Processing fee and 0.15 % as Documentation Charges. (Actual stamp and registration charges extra)

^^ 0.80 % as Processing fee and 0.30 % as Documentation Charges. (Actual stamp and registration charges extra) 10. Term Loan Review Charges: (for all loans over Rs. 10 lakh) : 0.10 % p.a. ***

***Applicable to all loans with maturity period of more than 24 months.

For Schematic Loans     Minimum
CUB  Consumer, Easy Ride, Yoha Vahana, Dharani and Swayam Graha 1 % No Maximum Cap Rs. 250/-
CUB  Easy business 0.50 % p.a. -do- Rs. 7500/-
CUB Dharani Special 1 % -do- Rs. 500/-
CUB- VidhyaVani Nil Studies in India
CUB- VidhyaVani 0.20% Studies Abroad
Unit inspection charges $  
Below Rs. 2.00 lakhs Nil
Above Rs. 2.00 lakhs & upto Rs. 10.00 lakhs Rs. 1000 p.a.
Above Rs. 10.00 lakhs and upto Rs. 50.00 lakhs Rs. 2000 p.a.
Above Rs. 50 lakhs & upto Rs. 5 crores Rs. 5000 p.a.
Above Rs. 5 crores Rs. 10000 p.a.

$ - in addition to stock audit fees.

For Non Fund Facilities Processing Charges
For BG / LCs (inland) partly secured / Unsecured 0.20% in addition to the commission.
For BG / LCs (inland) fully secured by Deposits 0.10% in addition to the commission
Issue of Solvency Certificate 0.30 % Minimum Rs. 200 and Maximum of Rs. 1,00,000/-
Non submission of Audited Balance Sheet(For borrowers enjoying working capital limit of Rs. 10 lakh and above) Rs. 500 per month If not submitted before 30th November (to be collected from December onwards upto the month of submission)