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External Benchmark Lending Rate (EBLR) – Linked To Repo Rate


In terms of instruction issued by Reserve bank of India vide notification No.DBR. Dir.No.1413.03.00/2019-20 dated 4th September, 2019, all new floating rate Personal or Retail Loans and floating rate loans to Micro and Small Enterprises extended by the Bank from 01.10.2019 will be linked to an External Benchmark.

With a view to further strengthening monetary policy transmission, RBI has  decided that all new floating rate loans to the Medium Enterprises extended by banks from April 01, 2020 shall be linked to the external benchmarks.

In view of the above, the Bank has chosen its External Benchmark as RBI’s Repo Rate (presently at 4.40%) and the EBLR is arrived at 8.25% as under:

External Benchmark Rate – RBI’s Repo Rate


Spread (other than credit risk premium & business strategy premium)


External Benchmark Lending Rate (EBLR)


The effective rate of interest to the borrower will be the combination of EBLR, Credit Risk Premium and Business Strategy Premium.

The effective rate of interest for the customers shall depend on their individual credit assessment.