CUB Kisan Credit Card Agriculture Crop Loan

CUB Kisan Credit Card Agriculture Crop Loan

CUB offers short term crop loan / limit under revised KCC for raising various Agricultural crops

  • CUB offers short term loans to farmers for “Seasonal Agricultural Operations” which are undertaken in the process of raising various crops
  • Activities include, among others, ploughing and preparing land for sowing, weeding, transplantation wherever necessary, acquiring and applying inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, insecticides etc. and labour for all operations in the field for raising & harvesting the crops
  • Crop loans are generally disbursed by the mode of revfised Kisan Credit Card (KCC) limit
  • Assessment of crop loan is based on the scale of finance for the crops + insurance premium + 10% of the limit towards post-harvest / household / consumption requirements + 20% of limit towards maintenance expenses of farm assets
  • NO PROCESSING FEE up to a limit of Rs. 3.00 lakh
  • NO SEPERATE SECURITY is required for crop loans upto Rs. 1.00 Lakh
  • Tenor - Five Years
  • Repayment: Each withdrawal is allowed to be liquidated in 12 months
  • NO NEED to bring the debt balance in the account to zero at any point of time
  • No withdrawal in the account should remain outstanding for more than 12 months
  • Click here for Interest rate

Last Updated on: 29-10-2022 10:03:49 AM

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